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What's Railsbp?

Railsbp is short for rails best practices, it provides online rails projects code quality check service. It works based on rails_best_practices gem.

Why Railsbp? helps you to follow rails best practices and gives you some suggestions to improve your rails projects code quality.


Automatic to analyze source codes. Every time you push to github, the code check service will be executed automatically.

Easy to share analyze result with collaborators. You can easily share the analyze result to your team collaborators, then talk and discuss together.

Easy to track builds history. Railsbp keeps each analyze result, you can track if your code quality is improved or not.

No worry about ruby version. rails_best_practices gem doesn't work well for ruby 1.8.7, jruby, etc., but using, you don't need to worry about what ruby version you are developing your rails project.

Configure what to review. You can also configure what to review, like if you don't want to always add db index for foreign key, you can disable that checker.